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Zodiac Planetary Studs

Zodiac Planetary Studs

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Aries ruled by MarsMars represents our passionate drive, action, will and assertive energy.  It also represents aggression and forward movement. Wear these studs to honor the courageous warrior within.

  • 8mm Mars symbol studs with cz

Taurus & Libra ruled by VenusVenus represents the inner vibration of the heart through harmony, pleasure and beauty.  Wear these studs as a reminder to honor the power of flow, creativity, sensuality, receptivity, nurturing, compassion, and intuition.

  • 8mm Venus symbol studs with cz

Gemini & Virgo ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the messenger. It represents communication, intellect and quickness.  Wear these studs for mental clarity and help with communication.

  • 8mm Mercury symbol studs with cz

Cancer ruled by the Moon. Moon represents emotions, intuition, the inner world & the unconscious. The moon rules the tides & our cyclical nature. Wear these studs as a reminder to honor the power of flow, nurturing, compassion, and intuition.

  • 8mm Moon symbol studs with cz

Leo ruled by the SunSun symbolizes our personality, power of creativity and manifestation. A symbol of vitality, Sun represents the light of our most authentic self-expression. Wear these studs as a reminder of your radiance.  Honor your life force energy. You are a powerhouse!

  • 8mm astrology sun symbol studs with cz

Scorpio ruled by Pluto.Pluto represents transformation, intensity, death and rebirth. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes,  Pluto brings transformation by destroying the old and giving birth to the new. Wear these studs to harness your TRUE SOUL POWER.

  • 7.5 x 10mm Pluto symbol studs with cz

Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter represents expansion, luck, generosity, optimisim and good fortune.   It also symbolizes opportunity, wisdom, prosperity, achievement and happiness. Wear these studs for luck, growth and expansion.

  • 8mm Jupiter symbol studs with cz

Capricorn ruled by Saturn. Saturn represents discipline, responsibility, maturity and life lessons.   It is an authority figure, often referred to as “ Father Time,”  who will not tolerate shortcuts and teaches the value of hard work and the wisdom gained through experience and limitations.  Wear these studs as a reminder that the rewards that come after showing up, growing up & putting in the work are long lasting. 

  • 8mm Saturn symbol studs with cz

Aquarius ruled by Uranus. Uranus is referred to as the great awakener & revolutionary. It symbolizes freedom, liberation, eccentricity, change and the unexpected.  Uranus strikes like a lightning bolt- a flash of inspiration that brings new awareness. Wear these to honor your inner rebel and welcome change that sets you free.

  • 10 x 10mm Uranus symbol studs with cz

Pisces ruled by Neptune. Neptune represents dreams, illusions, idealism, mysticism and spirituality. A symbol of purity, Neptune dissolves all boundaries but clouds before it clarifies. Wear these studs to honor your imaginative nature, magic & mysticism. 

  • 7 x 10mm  Venus symbol studs with cz
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