Monthly Bag with Variants


This month luck is on your side! March XIO Bags are now available in either Gold plated or Sterling silver finish!


How does it work?

The first week of each month, we'll ship you our monthly Xio Bag containing 3-4 trendy accessories (over $150 value). The items will be new releases and each bag will be curated by either our founder Ylette, or other fashion/beauty industry gurus. 

You are charged for your first XIO Bag the day that you subscribe and will receive the current month's bag. Your next payment will automatically be scheduled for the 1st day of each following month, per your subscription term, moving forward.


 Are there any other perks?

As long as your membership is valid you'll enjoy 20% off the entire site (applied as a refund to any purchase), complimentary gifting service (we dress up your orders and can include a note), and of course priority on items when they restock. 


 Is there a long-term commitment?

Nope. You can cancel anytime before your subscription renews on the 1st of every month, no questions asked. Your subscription will be tied to the email address you enter during the checkout process. You can create an account using that email at any time and manage your subscription.