The Gem Diaries

  • Prism: Colorfully Radiant

    Looking at the magnificent way in which the light refracted off the clear crystal to make a beautiful rainbow, I had a visual representation of oneness and the beauty of physical manifestation and unique expression.  “Thank you,” I smiled and honored this beautiful opportunity to recognize oneness in a world of duality.
  • Chrysalis: Emerging from Within

    Just as the butterfly awakens and is ready to fly after undergoing a metamorphosis, we too undergo periods of personal transformation. Retreating into the “chrysalis” of our inner being is important to allow the sacred space for a rebirth to occur.
  • Air

      Air is the breath of life and ruler of the mind. It rules over three zodiac signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius . At their highest aspect, these signs are the curious and quick thinkers who have the ability to rationalize by thinking things out rather than being influenced by emotional or physi...