You, Divine Goddess

“A woman in sync with her power can change the world.”



Women are anything but ordinary, they are so much more. They are both shadow and light, soft yet strong,  both protector and warrior.  They are healers, mothers, both tame and wild. Born emotional in order to truly feel the divine energy at the deepest levels,  each one of us, in our own way, is a powerful spiritual being, a divine goddess. 


A divine goddess is not a mythicall being outside of you, she is the power that lives within, the fire burning in your heart. She is your purpose, she is your passion. A goddess is a woman who is in the process of getting to know, love and accept herself on all levels. Poised in her power yet beautifully balanced, the goddess yearns to be acknowledged and awakened. 


Today, I invite you to emerge from deep within and waken the goddess. I call you to align with your true self, the essence of you. Recognize the elements that make you who you are and to embrace all your unique beauty. I want you to stop doubting yourself, to stop hiding who you are and stop dimming your light to fit in. A Goddess doesn’t fear the dark, she faces the darkness and transmutes it into light. She owns her power knowing it can never be taken away. I want you to allow yourself the freedom to stand in your power, to feel deeply without fear or shame. Your emotions are part of your feminine strength, not a weakness. 


You were given the ability to feel deeply because you are capable of balance, harmony and unity. YOU. ARE. CAPABLE! You are capable and you have a purpose, it is the thing that lights you up. It is the thing that sets your soul on fire. Whatever “ the thing” is, you must find it and do it for in doing so, you are tapping into your divine goddess.  


I tap into my divine goddess when I journal, create, nurture myself and others, go by the ocean, dance and listen to music, share my experiences with and educate other women, or when I wear jewelry that makes me feel magical and beautiful. All these things awaken that which longs to be expressed and I want you to know that no matter “ the thing” it is unique to YOU and makes a difference. The key is to trust yourself and let your intuition lead the way. Do the things that make you feel happy and honor yourself when it’s time to take a break. We don’t always have to have it all together, it’s about learning how to balance our energy so that we may be the versions of our divine self.


Think about the goddesses in your life, the mythological goddesses, the goddesses of the world both gone and living. What do they awaken within you? How are they calling out to you? How do they inspire you? When we, as women, live our truth, speak our truth and stand in our power, we encourage other women to do the same and thus, we make strides in changing the world.


XO my beautiful goddesses!

With love & magic,