You. Are. Limitless

 I’m a big believer that we are getting messages from the universe everyday. If we look at our lives, we can see patterns and common themes emerging.

Have you ever gone through a period where you feel as though you start running into the same type of problems or the same type of people and situations? This is the universe’s way of presenting us with a message or a lesson.

If you notice that the same theme continues to come up for you in various forms, take note! Go within yourself and ask, what am I being called to learn, express or change?


In recent days, I have been coming across the theme of “ limiting beliefs.”  Presented to me in three different scenarios through three different situations with friends & family, it has been brought to my awareness that our limiting beliefs are keeping us small.


I  had a dream last night where I was a subject at some type of experimental center. The people who ran the center were trying to make the subjects forget who they really were but for some reason, they couldn’t erase my memories. I was looking around having “aha” moments and trying to tell everyone around me about them. “Can’t you see, they’re trying to keep us small!” One of the directors kept trying to sprinkle BLACK ( so fitting, the direct opposite of the light) dust on me to make me forget and I would keep yelling to the others “ you are a soul with a body not a body with a soul!” , “YOU ARE LIMITLESS!”   It’s almost as if I wanted to remind everyone of their power but the directors were adamant in keeping me quiet.  I recall being able to run away from the center and kept repeating over and over, “ you are a soul with a body not a body with a soul!” , “YOU ARE LIMITLESS!” until I woke up.


Needless to say, I felt a calling to write this blog today to remind you of your power.  When I speak of magic, I’m not talking hocus pocus, chants & spells, I speak of the power ALL of us have within. It is not something to fear, it is something to embrace. We are divine beings; divine souls having a human experience and we have the power to change our lives and rewrite our story. Do you believe it ?


I want you to sit down today and ask yourself:

+ What has happened in my life that has caused me to limit myself?

+ Why don’t I feel worthy enough to think big ?

+ Do I feel like abundance, success, happiness, is limited and only attainable to a certain amount/degree or for a selected few?

+ Is my fear of failure keeping me from leaping?


Think about the beliefs you are holding that are keeping you in a state of fear and anxiety. Think about the beliefs that are keeping you small and blocking you from living your best life.  Don’t let these limiting beliefs distance you from your true nature. What do you want to do, who do you want to be? Your interior world is the key to making things happen in your exterior world, remember who you are!  Remember that you matter and that you make a difference. Remember your power and call it back to you.


If you’re reading this today, trust that you were guided here (as I was guided to write it) to hear this message.


With love & magic,


Ylette Luis