The Power of Grace

“ As I notice and appreciate my blessings, I open myself up for more.”



We’ve heard it time and time again. In various religious texts, on multiple social media posts and stories, it’s in all the “ new-age” books and Pinterest boards— ADOPT AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.  But, why? Why has something so seemingly simple become such a huge statement ? Truth be told, it is because there is so much power in grace and now, more than ever, we need to harness it.


At a time when most of our lives are spent scrolling through social media, we can’t help but compare our lives to those of the people we see online. Although a lot of posts can be incredibly inspiring and motivational, we do live in a world of duality and when we are feeling down, we may have a tendency to beat ourselves up and end up comparing our “lows" to “highs”of another. In doing so, we forget how unique and special we truly are and just how much we have in our own lives to be grateful for.  It is my belief that if “comparison is the thief of joy,” then gratitude is the bearer of it. 


Gratitude is the most powerful and transformative energy we can choose to embrace.

Go ahead, try and have a negative thought while you’re being grateful… can’t do it can you? It’s difficult to stay in a negative state of mind when you’re appreciating all the blessings (large or small) in your life. No matter what we may be going through at any given moment, grace puts life into perspective and fills the heart with love and joy. 


Grace is the surest path to success and happiness and it is so important that it should be practiced daily. Yes, I said it, DAILY.  Although the month of November and Thanksgiving can serve as great reminders, practicing grace daily is essential to our well being.  I like to practice gratitude daily by journaling. Personally, I am able to express myself best and truly get into my heart space when I take pen to paper but that’s just me. You don’t necessarily have to write things down if you don’t want to or it seems like a task. Simply taking a couple of minutes a day to pause and say “thank you for…” is a great way to practice gratitude. You can do this as you drive, while you shower, wash dishes, or even as you brush your teeth. Find a way that works for you and stick to it. List as many or as little things as you want but do it daily. 


Gratitude is also a very powerful tool to use when manifesting. By writing out your “thank you’s” in advance, you can use the energy of gratitude to bring the things you desire into you life. For example, if you’re wishing to manifest love, friendship or an amazing job/career, you can write or say the following:

Thank you in advance for bringing such a great romantic love into my life.

Thank you in advance for the incredible and true friendships that surround me.

Thank you in advance for presenting me with the opportunity to work at my dream job.

 No matter what you’re wishing to manifest, the key is to take the time to allow the feeling to fill your heart and light you up as you write it out or think about achieving it. Truly sit with that feeling and be deeply grateful for it, feel it as though it has already happened and soon, you’ll see it come to life. 


All in all, by harnessing the power of grace daily, you will begin to see how transformative it can be. You will also begin to feel more loved and supported by the universe. You will feel better, happier, and high vibe; which in turn, will open you up to experience an abundance of blessings to be grateful for.


With loads of love and a little magic,