The Magic of Mother Moon

You think the moon can move massive bodies of water and not have any power over us?  Come on now ladies, let’s give her some more credit!   She’s beautiful, she’s magical and she surely has the ability to rock our world! Not only are the tides and planets keyed into the moon, our menstrual cycles , dreams and emotional rhythms are also tied to her magical powers.  


We are all one, nothing is separate and everything is perfectly made. Once upon a time, women lived by and closely aligned with the moon.  We were guided by her, honored her and harnessed her energy. Thus, living in oneness and living in our power. However, since becoming a digitally consumed society who spends most of their time indoors,  we have almost completely separated from Mother Moon.


As women, syncing with the moon phases can help us feel more balanced, less stressed and more in-tune with our manifesting abilities and our divine nature. So, how exactly do we get back to our oneness and begin to realign ourselves in order to sync with the moon and harness her magic?  Simple, we set the intention and work with her cycles, of course!   



For some of us, like myself, we have probably been doing this our whole lives without even noticing. From the time I was about 12 years old, I would randomly look at the stars and write down “my wishes” on a piece of paper and tuck that little piece of paper behind a picture I carried in my wallet. I would also find myself doing this on 2 dollar bills which my grandmother , Xio,  told me were “good fortune” and that I should never spend but carry for luck.  Often times I would forget it was there and stumble upon it and see that some of the things I wrote down actually came true! I didn’t know it then but I was setting intentions.


You see,  when we are younger we are more in tune with our divinity and more likely to trust our intuition. As we get older, we have to make a conscious effort to do things because our rational mind ( ego) takes the lead and our intuition takes a back seat.  Things that should come as natural suddenly take a lot more work and effort when we are adults.  That being said, if there is one thing I want you to take away from this post it’s this: IT DOES'NT HAVE TO BE COMPLICATED!  By simply making a  conscious effort to tap into your emotions and the energy of Mother Moon, you are already tapping into her magic. 


There are a lot of extensive blogs and articles you can read on this, a whole metaphysical science behind it in fact and its extremely interesting and powerful stuff! However, I’m here to give you the basic, no fuss , trust your gut, version of harnessing Moon magic. We all know the moon waxes and wanes, right? All you have to remember is that the energy towards the building of moon phase (waxing) is about attracting and creating while the energy towards the end of the moon phase (waning) is about releasing.  




Heres how to make the most of it:


New Moon:

 Energy: Low & New

Theme : New Beginnings  



“Mother Moon, I call to you. Tonight, your energy is new. As your cycle begins, so begins my journey. May your silvery light guide my path along the way.”


To do:

 *Sit outside or by a window and just look up at the sky and I think about what your heart desires, really get into the feels. 

*Be still & open up that heart chakra by envisioning a green light at the center of your chest. When you feel calm and ready, start writing.

*Get crystal clear about what you are wanting to manifest and really feel what it would feel like when those manifestations come to life. ( Remember that the moon is tied to our emotions so feeling the feelings of how life would be when you manifest these desires is the real key)

*Try not to limit or judge yourself.  It can be as trivial or as deep as you need it to be. 


Waxing Moon: 

Energy: Rising & Attracting 

Theme: Receive 

“ I am open to receive all that is for my highest and greatest good” 



To Do:

*Think about the things  you can do to bring your intentions to life

*Get creative

*Be productive 

*Take action towards your goals 


Full Moon

Energy :  ULTRA HIGH! 

Theme:  Power &  Release 

When the moon is full, we are at our highest point energetically. It is a time to review what worked and release what no longer serves as you make way for what does.

“I  sit in my power and I release what no longer serves me as I make progress towards leaving those things behind” 


To do:

*Think about what has been holding you back from achieving your desires.

 *What do you need to let go of? Fears, beliefs, certain relationships ?

*Write down what you wish to let go of on a piece of paper and burn it. Feel the sweet release !



Waning Moon:

Energy :  Low & Retreating 

Theme: Reflection & Gratitude 

“I am grateful for all the universe gives me and all the things it does not. I am connected to divine love & light“


To do:

*Think about what you have learned about yourself.

*Write down 5 things you are grateful for that happened this month.


Before entering into the next moon phase, it is important to give thanks for all that you’ve learned, achieved and changed during this cycle. Use this last period of the moon phases to give thanks for the guidance you’ve received and the knowledge you have to move forward. Asking for small and attainable things is a great way to “confirm” your personal power but do not limit yourself and dream big! Some things take various moon cycles to come to fruition but everything that is meant to be yours will, in time, be yours.


Remember to BELIEVE  &  stay wild, moon child!


With love & magic,