Prism: Colorfully Radiant

Prism: Colorfully Radiant

The theme for our June Prism Xio Bag came into my awareness as I sat at my desk for a morning meditation holding a clear quartz wand. Looking at the magnificent way in which the light refracted off the clear crystal to make a beautiful rainbow, I had a visual representation of oneness and the beauty of physical manifestation and unique expression.  “Thank you,” I smiled and honored this beautiful opportunity to recognize oneness in a world of duality.

 You see, when we take the time to look at the world around us, we see how everything is connected, how everything in the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm. As above, so below. Continuing to look at the crystal in my hand and the visible representation of the light spectrum, phrases began popping into my mind: “Prism Light,”  “My true colors,” Let your true colors shine,” “ Express yourself,” “Be colorfully RADIANT!”  The theme of authenticity and authentic expression came shining through.

 Who are we? I mean, who are we, REALLY? When we peel back the layers and get down to the essence of who we are, it’s light. A ray of light is defined as a narrow beam of light traveling in a straight line from its place of origin. We are, first and foremost, beings of light, created by light and reflected by the seven rays of light. Our Source is pure white light, it is light of the Divine/Creator/the One Infinite Mind, and we are the beautiful rays of light ( consciousness) vibrating out at different frequencies from that Source.

As rays of consciousness, we are here on earth to anchor, manifest and express these frequencies of light in order to fulfill our unique soul path and purpose. We  are seemingly separate, unique and individual expressions who serve the whole. This individual expression (your magic) contributes so much to our planet and I truly wanted to bring that message forward with this month’s Xio Bag. 

 As we both personally and collectively grow through these shifts, please understand that we need your quirkiness, your weirdness, your eccentricities, your unique stories and experiences, your ideas, your perspectives, ALL OF IT, to come shining through in every now moment. It's ok to be different and to disagree, respectfully. 

 We need to fully love and accept ourselves and also understand that we cannot force acceptance of our uniqueness onto others. We must trust that in being our authentic self and loving ourselves for it, others whom align with our truth will gravitate toward us as those who do not serve our highest expression will fall away. As we grow into our authenticity without fear, we learn to let go of people, places, relationships, ideas, beliefs, and anything and everything that is not in alignment with our truth. 


Today I want you to ask yourself ( these are great questions to journal with): 

“ Do I find myself censoring my truth or dimming my light to fit in? In what ways?”

" Am I living in love or in fear?"

“How can I honor my unique and authentic expression while still understanding that in the grand scheme of things, we are one?” 

“How do my unique gifts, talents, abilities and experiences, contribute to the greater whole?

“How can I honor and express the light I came here to shine?”

Authenticity does not mean having to prove yourself for external validation. Authenticity means honoring your sovereignty , standing in your power and  knowing that it’s ok to be different and think differently, all the while respecting others' unique expressions and points of view. It's loving yourself through every experience,  lesson, hiccup, journey and expression.

My greatest intention is that the pieces in this bag inspire and encourage you to live in alignment with your heart and honor your truth and unique self expression so that you may inspire others to do the same. You truly make a difference just by being Y-o-U.  So, don’t dim to fit in, Dear One, be colorfully radiant! 

With Love & Magic,

Ylette Luis