Jewelry holds MAGIC

Have you heard that jewelry holds an energetic vibration? 


It’s True! Everything is energy and as the alchemists that we are, we are able to influence and manipulate this energy with our intentions. You’re probably thinking, “ yea right” but trust me, we are THAT powerful. Our thoughts and emotions are inevitably imprinted into any object or place in close contact with our energy field and that vibrational frequency resonates outward. This is why we often exchange rings as a symbol of love when we marry.


Here at Xio, we take pieces from ordinary to extraordinary by infusing them with a little magic. Setting a specific intention for each piece, we allow them to fully come alive and align vibrationally with the wearer.  From pieces that make you feel powerful, cute, promote self- love, offer energetic protection or simply spark a little nostalgia, we have something for everyone and over time, as you wear these pieces, you will not only feel their energy but you will begin to imprint them with your own unique vibration and magic. 


Do you recognize the sentimental value and magic a small piece of jewelry can bring into your life if you let? 


with love & magic,