How it All Began

It was October 26, 1985, the moon was in Aries and at precisely 8:52pm, both my grandmothers gathered around my mother’s hospital bed. The first granddaughter had just been born into the family and it was quite a joyous time, especially for my paternal grandmother, Xiomara ( aka, Xio.) 

You see, Xiomara is a hairstylist , Scorpio ( thats always important 411) jewelry obsessed, fashionista and one of three sisters.  She always dreamed of having a daughter she could pass on her love of jewels to but as luck would have it, she gave birth to two boy--one of them being my dear ol’ dad.  When the news broke that I was to be a girl, my grandmother was so excited that she ran to buy me my first pair of earrings and had them ready for my arrival.

Dressed in yellow  “ para la buena suerte” ( aka, good luck) and wearing my Cuban “ Que Dios Me Bendiga” azabache pin to ward off “ el mal de ojo,”  I was brought home from the hospital. Before I could talk, I was strutting my diamond earrings, beaded  azabache bracelets and bangles. I never left the house without my stacks. I suppose that’s why I came to believe that “ if it doesn’t jingle, you’re not wearing enough. “  In my world, more is definitely more when it comes to jewelry and I always loved the sound my “ semanario “ bracelets made when I wore them. Until this day, the jingling of bangles takes me back to childhood.

As the years went by, I would spend countless hours rummaging through my grandmother’s jewelry box  and trying on all her pieces. I loved how every piece told a story, evoked a feeling and held a special memory, “this piece was a gift from my grandfather on their 25th anniversary, this was the first piece she bought herself when she came from Cuba, these she wore to my high school graduation…” I knew then that jewelry carried a certain vibration, a special energy that would speak to my heart's desire for years to come.


 They say “ follow your passion and it will lead you to your purpose.”  In 2017, I decided to follow that passion and dive into the jewelry business. Together with the help of my incredible husband ( total Capricorn and logistics guy), XIO was born. Pronounced See-Oh, it’s named after my loving and fashionable grandmother who is not only an entrepreneur, and my biggest support and inspiration, but is also a great example of where life can take you if you believe in yourself and follow your dreams.


Through Xio, I hope to bring you pieces that help you create your own stories and memories. I hope you wear these pieces, gift these pieces, and fall in love with the magic a little piece of jewelry can bring into your life if you let it.



*Wear Xio, Make Magic*