Chrysalis: Emerging from Within


On a winter afternoon on Dec 29th, 2020, I sat at the wooden table in our dining room going through some jewelry samples.  My dear wooden table, it has seen the birth, transformation and growth of not only our family, but our beautiful business. From this very table, my Husband Eddy and I began our journey as business owners. It was from this table where we began to hold meetings, share late-night creative ideas and package orders.  Sitting at this table, I’ve effortlessly, ( KIDDING, totally not so effortlessly) brought ideas to life as I bounced a fussy and nursing little one on my lap. 


My dear table, my sacred space. A generator of flow and creativity.  On that December afternoon as I sat at my sacred space, I picked up a butterfly lariat necklace and put it around my neck. Before I continue with this story, I would like to share that I have had many magical and mystical experiences with the butterfly as a spirit animal since 2017, but more on that another time. On this particular day, like a flash of lighting, the word CHRYSALIS zapped into my mind  as the butterfly lariat touched my skin. In pure shock and amazement, I put my right hand over my heart space and said, “Whoa!” Stunned by the speed at which the word came in and the fact that it was so rare and not part of my everyday use or awareness, I knew this revelation was a Divine download. Not knowing much about the chrysalis except that it somehow correlated to the butterfly, I decided to look deeper into the meaning.


Chrysalis (pronounced: kris-eh-lis), I found, is a scientific term that refers to the pupa stage of a butterfly; the time when the caterpillar creates a hardshell of protection which allows for the transformation from its immature form into its adult form. Aside from its scientific meaning, the word chrysalis is used to describe a stage of transition, a state of being or growth.


“Wow!” I thought, “If that doesn’t speak to the journey of our human life and the current state of the collective in 2020, I don’t know what does.” Much like the seasons and the transition from winter to spring, having that download in December about a Xio Bag for May 2021, I knew the butterfly totem came with a message to remind us that every period of transformation, no matter how messy or difficult, cannot be rushed, is purposeful and is always followed by a beautiful period of renewal.


2020 was a time when many of us were asked to retreat from the outer world and into the “chrysalis” of our inner being. Just as the butterfly awakens and is ready to fly after undergoing a metamorphosis, we too undergo periods of personal transformation. Retreating into the “chrysalis” of our inner being is important to allow the sacred space for a rebirth to occur.  It is a time to contemplate, sit with our thoughts, face our fears, shed limiting beliefs, reflect on our dreams and our truth.  It is a time to welcome change and allow for the coming into alignment with the highest version of ourselves so that when we are ready, we may fully emerge, as the butterfly, with beautiful wings.

Our May 2021 Chrysalis Xio bag brings you the magic of metamorphosis. Containing five beautiful pieces infused with intention, these butterfly totems offer a reminder to honor all the changes and seasons of your life with grace.

Are you ready to take flight and embark upon a new journey as a renewed version of yourself? Dear one, it’s time to emerge from within.


With Love & Magic,

Ylette Luis