Celestial Rose

Each and every one of us is born with unique gifts.  However, some of us have this notion that having a “gift” solely means having a talent  such as singing, dancing, writing, painting, being an athlete, something that can be seen, something that produces a 3D result. We tend to think of ourselves as “ordinary folks” or “ talentless” if we don’t fall into one of these categories and disregard the fact that within us lies something uniquely important and special. Whether your gift is intellect, having an eye for decor, a gentleness about you that brings others comfort, a healing touch, an ability to always look on the bright side,  a green thumb, a personality that motivates and inspires, you contribute your gift and your essence in a magical way that only you can do. 


Not all gifts are meant to be seen, some are only meant to be felt. When you share a piece of your spirit with the world, a piece of your heart, you are sharing your gifts. Not all gifts are meant to be huge, broadcasted or put on a pedestal to have value. Some of our gifts are LOUD and for the world to see, some of our gifts are quiet and take time to discover, but humbly make a difference. You must believe with every ounce of your being that you are gifted with something and that whatever that gift is, that it is your soul purpose to share it with the world. 


For this month’s Xio Bag, I chose a celestial rose to represent the journey through the blooming and unfolding of those gifts.  I wanted you to have a reminder that your gifts are like a rose unfolding, you cannot force the bloom.  Everyone has a different level of what they can do  and some gifts, like a garden, need to be nurtured, tended to and developed. Be patient with yourself while you discover what makes you come alive for it is in doing this that you will start to discover the parts of you that shine. It is in doing this that you will find joy, live a more aligned life and truly start to blossom. 


With Love & Magic,



Ylette Luis