Air is the breath of life and ruler of the mind. It rules over three zodiac signs: GeminiLibra, and Aquarius . At their highest aspect, these signs are the curious and quick thinkers who have the ability to rationalize by thinking things out rather than being influenced by emotional or physical factors.


Associated with the energy of our thoughts, intellect, memory and reason, air makes up what is called the “Mental Body.”  Just as the emotional body consists of emotions and the physical body is made up of matter, the mental body consists of our thoughts. Ever experienced a ‘fleeting thought’ that whisked through your mind so quickly like the wind?  Ever had that moment when your thought just ‘disappeared into thin air’ and you couldn’t remember what you were going to say? That’s the element of air at work in your mental body.


Air can be both carefree and light like a cool breeze on a warm afternoon that makes you feel refreshed and renewed. It can also be strong and forceful like the gust from a hurricane destroying everything in it’s path. By the same token, when your mind is at ease moving freely like the wind, your thoughts are fresh and intuitive. When they’re crippled with fear, your thoughts are anxious, gossipy, and ineffective in solving critical matters and seeing the bigger picture.


 With intention however, we can tap into the power of the Air element to harness its more positive benefits.  Ever been angry or frustrated and been told to just  “BREATHE” to calm down ? That’s a prime example in using the power of Air positively shift your mental space. We can also use the Air element in meditation and breath work to release blocks lodged in our energy system when we feel stuck and unproductive or in relaxation breathing to shift inner anxiety to inner calm.  One example I can think of in my personal life where using the power of AIR was of utmost importance was during child birth. I used its power to stay grounded, focused and allow pain to flow through me with little resistance. 


Now more than ever , amidst the ongoing fear of covid-19 , we can harness the power of the air element to keep our thoughts calm and centered during this time when anxiety is running high.  Every day for 3-5 minutes a day, take time to close your eyes,  inhale for four counts and exhale for four counts. As you do this, you can choose to name the breaths. For example: inhale LOVE 2,3,4 exhale LOVE  2,3,4.  Inhale GRACE 2,3,4 exhale GRACE 2,3,4...this simple act will allow you to release fear, take in positivity and clear your mind. 


You see, we are not mere observers of nature and the elements , we are one with nature, we are one with the elements.  All we have to do is be mindful of that connection.  


With love & light,


Ylette Luis