A Birthday Call From My Soul

October 26, 2018
Soul:  Hey, it’s me, your soul. 
Remember me? Calling to wish you a happy birthday and remind you that today is the day you decided to come into this world, the day you so specifically picked out for a reason. Are you still on track with your mission?
Call me back ASAP!


Ah, another trip around the sun. Theres something about birthdays , can you feel it? The energy shifts, and the soul subtly whispers to us, do you listen? 


 I believe there are no coincidences, from choosing our parents to choosing the exact day, time and place of our birth, there is definitely nothing “random” about it.  Our birthday is the day our soul chose to purposefully enroll in this school we call “ life” and a year gone by is like a semester completed.


Birthdays are a wonderful time to reflect upon the journey we’ve been on and bring forth the highest image of our self.  They are the perfect time to realign and recenter ourselves as we begin a new cycle and are given a new opportunity for growth. As a Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto AND South Node, rebirth and regeneration are no strangers to me.


In fact, the process of death to the lower self and resurrection into the Higher Self is the path of Scorpio. I ‘m not going to get into the logistics of being a Scorpio on this post ( I’ll save that for another blog post because let’s face it,  we’re pretty complex) but I will say that although it is a common “life theme” for Scorpio, we can all benefit from harnessing birthday energy and taking inventory of the year gone by as we set goals for a new one. Sometimes however, we get so caught up in going through the daily motions that we forget just how important this is.


Looking back at 33, I smile at how persistently my soul was blowing up my “phone” hoping I would answer. Starting off the year with surprising birthday gifts of crystals, tarot cards, chakra books and manifestation journals (things I was always into but never really purchased or asked for)  I was beginning to wonder if the universe was trying to tell me something.  I thought to myself “  WOW! These are great but with a 2 month old and so much else going on, I don’t really have time to dive in and enjoy this right now.”


January 10, 2019
Soul: Hey, it’s me again. I never heard back from you on your birthday and I wanted to make sure you got my message and the gifts from the universe. I have her on the line here and she says if we don’t hear back from you soon, she’s going to have to take matters into her own hands.
 Call me back, it’s important! 


 For some reason, the calls  from my soul were never as enduring as they were that 33rd year and after many ignored ones, the universe decided to step in with a loud BANG! Within a two month span I came down with mastitis, a severe allergic reaction which almost landed me in the hospital and a fractured knee cap which put me out of commission for three entire months. Having gone from being extremely busy with an infant, two older children, a husband, a blooming business & constantly being on the go without paying much attention to myself, I was literally being FORCED into a period of self reflection and meditation. 


33 put me more in touch with my divine nature than any other year in my life ever had.  From beautiful experiences to incredible synchronistic encounters, I was diving deep, blossoming with new ideas and becoming a better version of myself. I realized the importance of listening to that inner calling which is sometimes subtle and other times knocking LOUDLY to get our attention. 


This year, as I turn 34 and harness this special birthday energy, I take inventory and listen just a little closer to the callings of my soul . 


I open my journal and set my intensions: 




  • I will continue to be my authentic self without fear of judgement.
  • I will learn to say no without feeling guilty because I understand that being true to myself and protecting my peace is more important than pleasing.
  • I will nurture and make time for myself because I understand that as a soon-to-be mom of FOUR (  yes, FOUR, come on guys, Scorpio energy here;)  ) I know that I cannot expect to quench the thirst of my loved ones from an empty well.
  • I will embrace my creativity because being creative makes my soul happy. 
  • I will have fun because FUN and JOY are our life purpose!



May your birthday serve as a reminder to celebrate the joy of life, the wonder of divine and magical you! Embrace the energy and honor all of life's experiences, trusting that universe is here to support you and help you become the best version of yourself.


With Love, Light & Magic